Egyptian Goddess Hathor - Spirituality of Beauty and the Divine Feminine

Posted on January 21 2024

“Beauty is not a light in the face, beauty is a light in the heart.”


One of the things I love about the Ancient Egyptian Civilization was the celebration of beauty in all it’s forms...this can be seen in the beauty of the temples, the artifacts, the clothing and the sacred adornments...and of course, the deep reverence and respect for natural world, which has a beauty that is only possible by the mind and ‘hands’ of the Creator. 

However, even the Ancient Kemetians knew, in all their unabashed celebration of beauty, that it too, ran skin deep.

Goddess Hathor

The Egyptian Goddess Hathor was the NTRU which (pronounced Neteru) which represents sacred beauty, divine feminine, motherhood and dance, and represents the sensual aspect of all women.

The Egyptian Goddess Hathor was known by her Kemetic name ‘Het-Hru’ which means House of the Face.  

In Ancient Egypt, NTRU (pronounced Neteru) are simply manifestations of Source and embody different aspects of Source energy (which embodies both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine characteristics).



The Spirituality of Beauty

In Ancient Egypt, there were actually Temples of Goddess Hathor, which was dedicated to music, dance, divine love and beauty.  Also Ancient Egyptians were not shy about celebrating beauty which was immortalized in its temples, art and clothing, there was a deeper understanding that true beauty and love had divine origins.  


It was taught that true beauty begins with inner harmony, which in turn, radiates true beauty out to the world.  You became more beautiful when you are in tune with all of the laws that govern the universe.  

In our current society, beauty is something that is constructed solely by altering the physical shell through body modification, cosmetics and designer labels.  In the world of instagram beauty influencers, Kardashians, photoshop and filters, there is an over identification and emphasis on the shell and with the exterior.

Goddess Hathor however, teaches us that you are the most beautiful when you are in harmony with nature...the nature on Earth and in the cosmos.


True beauty is cultivated from within. 


Honouring and building your relationship with your inner temple radiates your true beauty outward to the world.  The adornments (cosmetics, accessories, etc) are simply a celebration of the beauty that exists within. 

In addition to her role as an Egyptian Goddess of beauty, she was the patron of cosmetics.  Wearing cosmetics was considered to be a form of worship to Hathor and it was common for people to make offerings of mirrors and cosmetic palettes to her.  

Many of the necklaces in my Rising Goddess collection were inspired by these Ancient Egyptian Goddess, in particular my Goddess Hathor necklace....a talisman to anchor love and beauty into your life.


Goddess Hathor Necklace
(click image to view necklace)

Godess Hathor Necklace

Goddess Hathor Necklace 
(click image to view necklace)

Goddess Hathor Necklace


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