Egyptian Goddess Maat - Divine Feminine energy and Balance

Posted on January 22 2024

“May your heart be as light as a feather”


The Egyptian Goddess Maat

The Egyptian Goddess Maat is the Egyptian Goddess which is a representation of divine balance, the law, cosmic order, and truth. 

The 42 laws of Ma’at were the backbone of morality and moral principles in Ancient Egypt.  She was the personification of cosmic order, and stability of the universe. 

Of all the goddesses, the Egyptian Goddess Maat was the most beloved by all of the pharaohs and Kings of Ancient Egypt and many of them were referred to as the  “Beloved of Ma’at”.

By following the laws of Goddess Ma’at one could live a life in divine spiritual order.  In Kemet, these laws are found written on the walls as a reminder of the supreme natural law. 



Her principles greatly aided the Ancient Egyptian citizen in being better people in society.  She was thought to represent the conscience of a person.


The Shu Feather:  For the souls of the departed

The Shu Feather, worn in her crown, was used on Judgement day to judge the hearts of the souls of the departed in Duat, the realm of the dead. 


The ceremony was called the “Judgement of Osiris” which was named after the god Osiris, the god of the dead.

Ma’at would weigh her Shu Feather against the souls of the dead.  Only the lightest of hearts would proceed to Heaven or Aaru, the field of reeds.


Hence Ma’at is a personification of balance, Divine Order and righteousness.

The Maat Goddess necklace from my Rising Goddess collection  was inspired by the story of Maat and the power of Divine feminine energy in the maintenance of Divine Balance and order.  


Maat Goddess Necklace - Divine Balance
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Heaven on Earth cannot exist without Divine Feminine Energy being restored to it’s rightful position, alongside Divine Masculine Energy.  

Balancing energy is the key, in the outer and inner worlds. 

The Rising Goddess collection was created in homage to the Ancient Egyptian Goddesses of the past, talismans to anchor the energy of healing, triumph and magic on your journey.   


Maat Goddess Necklace - Divine Balance
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Maat Goddess Necklace - Divine Balance and Feather of Maat Necklace
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