February 2020 New Moon Ritual - Manifesting with the Moon

Posted on February 20 2020

The New Moon is just around the corner...have you set your intentions? 

I will be setting my intentions for this New Moon and I’d like to share one of my favourite New Moon Rituals with you. 

I will be starting a new series where every month I will be sharing some of my favourite New Moon Manifestation rituals with you on each new moon for the rest of the year.

The truth is that setting intentions works anytime of the year...but aligning them with the cycles of the full moon amplifies your intentions. 


There is no right or wrong way to do these kind of rituals...the important thing is the energy you put behind your intentions.



What do you want to create in your life?

1.  Spend some time meditating on exactly what kind of intentions you want to set forth this full moon.  

2.  Write them out on a piece of paper or in a journal.  When you are writing them out, how you phrase your intention is important.  For example, if you want to manifest a relationship or romance, phrase the intention as if it has already happened:

“Thank you universe for the loving soulmate connection that I am blessed to be in.”

3.  Repeat this step for each intention you would like to set.



4.  On the day of the new moon, at night face the moon and recite your intentions.  When you recite each intention try to feel the gratitude for what you have already received. 

This is very important. 

It’s the feeling of gratitude for the intentions we set forth that helps them to manifest more quickly...when we do so we are in a state of being a vibrational match to the reality we want to create.

5.  Repeat this step every evening up until (and including) the night of the full moon.  A manifestation anchor such as a crescent moon inspired necklace can help supercharge your manifestations.  


Release your intentions to the universe...and say thank you ;)

6.  On the evening of the full moon, after you have recited your intentions, take the paper with your intentions (if in a journal, tear it out), and burn them in a fire-safe dish.  I usually burn my intentions in an abalone shell, but you can also just burn them in a bowl of water.


7.  Release the ashes to the earth and thank the universe.  You can be a bit creative in this step...I live in a condo, so I release them out onto the balcony and let the wind take them away.

Keep a record of all of your intentions so you can look back and see how your intentions have manifested.  

I have personally seen this happen in my life - and it’s kind of cool when I look back on intentions I’ve set (and sometimes forgot about) months ago come into fruition.

You can repeat this ritual every new moon for whichever intentions you want to manifest...or you can set new ones.  

I am a big fan of setting new moon rituals as it is one of the ways in which we can align our divine feminine energy to the natural rhythms and cycles of the universe and be more in flow.

Supercharge the manifesting power of this ritual with precious moon inspired jewelry to anchor in your intentions.

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