From Corporate America to Yoga Jewelry - a bit about me...

Posted on February 27 2018

Welcome to my world!  



I started this business I guess you could say because I wanted to be free....


I grew up in a single parent household with my mom, being very religious and marinated in restrictive and fear based religious teachings which never quite resonated with me.  


 As a child however, I was always a free spirit that got into lots of trouble.  I was super creative however, and had a talent for visual arts.  


Even as a kid, I had an entrepreneurial spirit...I was good at making things...and selling them.  


I never understood and resonated with the religion of my upbringing – it didn’t make sense to me and it never helped me to understand our connection to ourselves, nature, the cosmos and each other.  


It was only when I got older that I stumbled upon African spirituality, Eastern concepts and ideologies that I...for the first time...understood what spirituality was.


To this day, I would still not identify with any religious label, but as a spiritual person.


These things helped to ‘set me free’ in a way and my hope is that my jewelry will serve as some type of catalyst that empowers others to free themselves from societal expectations and live authentically and freely, however that looks….for others maybe even just as reminder of what they already know.


Over time, I managed to liberate myself from the soul sucking corporate plantation and step into a life that reflected my authentic inner self.  


Freedom is an important value to me...something I want for not only myself but for everyone else.  


Urban Lotus Jewelry is a yoga jewelry brand created for you….talismans for the free spirited urban goddess that celebrates living with purpose, nature, spirituality and beauty.


Yoga Inspired Jewelry for the Free Spirit



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