Goddess Isis and the Divine Feminine

Posted on March 16 2021

“The Rise of the Feminine within us all will heal our world.”

Who is Isis?

The Egyptian Goddess Isis, also known as Auset, represents the aspect of NTR (All-Divine), the bringer of culture and healing.  She was a magician, a healer and the archetype of the Divine Feminine.  

The name Isis literally means ‘throne’ as depicted by the crown she is usually depicted wearing on her head, which is a throne.  She is the mother of the great warrior Heru (Horus), thus was his first teacher.  

Tourmaline Gemstone Isis necklace

Isis and Osiris

The great story of Twin Flames Isis and Osiris (Ausar) shows her to be not only a loving wife and mother, but devoted partner, who re-membered Osiris’s body after he was dismembered by his jealous brother Set. 


Egyptian Goddess Isis and Osiris were high frequency Twin Flames and a highly respected power couple in Kemet (Egypt).  Isis, was the archetypal representation of the Divine Feminine while her counterpart Osiris, was the first Lotus Master. 


Divine Mission

Their divine mission as twin flames was to civilize humanity, and teach people the importance of marriage, religion and government.  Their relationship drew the ire and jealousy of his brother Set, the god of disorder and chaos.  Set stole the energy of Osiris and cut his body into many pieces.  

Isis was deeply devoted to Osiris and traversed the world searching for the pieces of her beloved Osiris.  As Isis was a magician, she was able to put him back together (re-member him) and created a gold phallus for him, so that they could have a child together (Heru).  


Divine Feminine Magic

This story shows the power of the feminine energy, as healing, restorative and purely magical.  

This Goddess Isis necklace from my Rising Goddess collection was inspired by the story of Isis and the power of Divine feminine energy. 

Gold-dipped Goddess Isis necklace


The Rising Goddess collection was created in homage to the Ancient Goddesses of the past, talismans to anchor the energy of healing, triumph and magic on your own journey.   

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