How Spiritual Jewelry can serve as Manifestation Anchors on your spiritual journey

Posted on May 11 2020

“Signs and symbols rule the world, not words or laws”.  Confucius 

What is a manifestation anchor?

A manifestation anchor is an object that assists you in anchoring the energy of the thing that you want to manifest in your life by serving as a reminder of what it is you want to create in your life.  

For example, if you want to have children, a manifestation anchor would be buying baby clothes and toys.  Or if you wanted to manifest a home, you would start buying things you would use to decorate your home.  


When I was still living at home with my mom and fantasizing about having my own place, I would buy decorative accessories for my future home (which I didn’t even own yet) wrap them up and store them underneath my creaky twin sized bed. 


Buying these things helped anchor the energy of what I wanted to manifest in my life and helped me to envision the future I was moving towards…..and helped to lift my spirits, even when my current circumstances were less than favorable.  

What do we do if we want to manifest something into our lives that is non physical or non tangible?  Like a feeling, or an energy?  We can use symbols as manifestation anchors, which are ways that we make the physical non-physical.

Manifestation Anchors in African Civilizations

Many great civilizations like Ancient Kemet (Egypt) and the Gyaman Kingdom of Cote D’Ivoire in West Africa understood the importance of symbols as a way to document the unseen energies and forces of the universe so they are perceptible to the human mind, both conscious and subconscious.  


Adinkra symbols of the Ashanti Kingdom, Ghana


In Kemet for example, the ancients used symbols (called glyphs) for regular people to be able to perceive the invisible and to be able to perceive complex universal phenomenon.  Invisible energies and forces of the universe.  

Goddess Isis (center) surrounded by Egyptian glyphs


Symbols, or even ‘mythical’ figures, are visual representations of the invisible energies that operate the cosmos.  These energies were anchored into every aspect of life in the forms of symbols...from temples to clothing, artifacts and of course,  jewelry.

Ancient Kemetians not only had an excellent understanding of the invisible energies but developed a system of symbols to communicate the science of the invisible world that has intrigued many for generations to come.

These symbols are interpreted by our subconscious mind and transmitted through our DNA which can in turn influence our behaviour in a positive or negative way.

Spiritual Jewelry as Manifestation Anchors

Spiritual jewelry, especially jewelry with symbols on it, can serve as amazing manifestation anchors, to anchor in a new energy or feeling into your life in a beautiful and elegant way.  


Anchor the energy of healing to your seven chakra system.

Click image to view Chakra necklaces


Anchor the energy of intuition and inner knowing in your life.  


Divine Feminine Energy
The moon is a symbol of feminine goddess energy. 
Anchor female goddess energy in your life.

Click image to view Crescent Moon necklaces

Egyptian Goddess Ma’at, the Goddess of balance. 
Anchor the energy of balance (Ma’at) within yourself
and let it manifest in the outer world.  

Click image to view Goddess Ma'at necklace


Much of my spiritual jewelry is very heavy with ancient symbolism but not solely for visual or aesthetic appeal but to anchor energies or feelings into your life.

Many corporations use visual symbols and archetypes to influence human behaviour, trigger feelings of insecurity, envy and unworthiness that fuels mass consumerism.  

Why not harness the power symbolism as tools of empowerment instead?  

Do you have any symbols that are important to you?  Please share in the comments below!




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