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Posted on September 17 2018

Infuse a little inspiration into your everyday routine with our new chakra bracelet collection.  These chakra bracelet designs are made by hand with lots of love, inspired by the seven chakra symbols.  

Chakra Bracelet Collection


The word Chakra is sanskrit for ‘wheel’.  Chakras are like spinning wheels of concentrated and focused energy at various points in the body.  We receive, transmit and process life energies through the 7 chakras.

The 7 chakras are the network through which the mind, body and spirit unite and function holistically as one system.  Each of the chakras vibrates at a wavelength that corresponds to a certain color.

Root Chakra:  Governs safety, security and life’s basic needs

root chakra bracelet


Sacral Chakra:  Governs sexuality and creativity.  
sacral chakkra bracelet

Solar Plexus Chakra:  Governs emotions, self esteem and is the seat of personal power. 
solar pleus chakra bracelet

Heart Chakra:  Governs love, compassion and joy.

Throat Chakra:  Governs communication, and authentic self expression

Third Eye Chakra:  Governs the ability to see the inner and outer world - to see the big picture.  

Crown Chakra:  Gives us access to states of higher consciousness.


I have always been a Chakra enthusiast!  Chakra symbols will be an eternal source of inspiration for me...I love learning about them, working on them, and of course using them as inspiration in many of my  jewelry designs.


For each chakra bracelet, I designed a unique flower mandala to represent each Chakra symbol on the reverse.  The natural organic beauty of nature is also an inspiration for me.


I love flowers and flowers were definitely an inspiration in these Chakra bracelet designs as well as the matching necklaces.




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