Full Moon Rituals: Manifesting with each of the Moon phases

Posted on January 25 2019

Feminine Energy & the Moon

As women we are naturally lunar.  Father sun represents a masculine entity (linear, giving energy) while the Goddess Moon represents a feminine entity (cyclic, receiving energy, reflecting).  Not only our bodies, but our monthly cycles are connected to the moon - even our energies and moods fluctuate with the cycles of the moon. 


History of Moon Magic

 The Ancients had a natural understanding of the sacred connection between women and the moon.  They also had an understanding of the varying phases of the moon not just from a scientific perspective, but also from an energetic perspective and how they influenced our behaviour as well as agriculture.  From Ancient Kemet (Egypt), India and China, reverence of the moon was an important part of their spiritual systems.  Full moon rituals were an integral part of life.


Manifesting With the Moon

🌑 New Moon 

The new moon is the time to plant your seeds of intention.  If necessary, take some time to meditate on any areas of your life where you would like to affect positive change. .  The new moon is the best time to begin to formulate your plan of action in preparation for the upcoming moon phases.

🌒Crescent Moon

The crescent moon is the time to focus energy behind your intentions and announce them to the universe.  You can write your intentions on paper and recite them like daily affirmations or meditate on them like visualizations.  The important thing is that you are putting energy behind your intentions that you created during the New Moon phase.  A manifestation anchor such as a crescent moon inspired necklace can help supercharge your manifestations. 

🌗First Quarter Moon (half moon)

Any challenges that may arise as a result of your New Moon manifestation may happen during this time.  Now is the time to be a little dynamic and creative in your problem solving approach to these challenges and make any adjustments if necessary to your plan of action that you formulated during the New Moon phase.

🌔Gibbous Moon

In this phase, the energy of the moon builds up right before the full moon right before it peaks.  This is the time to leverage the peaking energy right before the full moon to take inspired action towards manifesting your intentions.  Full steam ahead!

🌕Full Moon Ritual

This is the time where the energy of the full moon is at its peak.  Your intentions and all actions taken towards your intentions prior to the full moon have been ‘set’.  The energy of the full moon will illuminate anything within you that could be preventing you from manifesting your intentions. Take some time to reflect on anything that comes up (or is illuminated) during this time that do not serve you or your intentions that you would like to manifest.  Also do some moon bathing!  Spend some time outside at night during the full moon and bask in her rays.  Plants grow faster and are energized during the full moon so why not get in on that action?

 🌖Waning Gibbous Moon

Continue to be mindful of anything that comes up that needs to be released during this time.  Try not to place too much judgement around what you are feeling at this time - simply just observe, feel into what comes up and release it.  Shadows may come to the light. Be grateful - blocks to the manifestation of your intentions are being released.

 🌗Last Quarter Moon

As the light of the moon continues to wane, pay attention to your emotions and continue to release anything that comes up. Continue to pay attention to any emotions that may come up during this time and let them inform you on areas of your life that you potentially need to change or work on.  Part of manifesting is not just stating what you want but, being able to recognize and eliminate any obstacles that prevent you from aligning with what you want. So shadow work is also an important part of the process.

 🌘Balsamic Moon

This is the final phase of the moon cycle before the next moon cycle.  Go back and re-read your intention that you made at the beginning of the moon cycle.  How have you changed since the beginning of the moon cycle? What has changed in your life? Have you learned any lessons?


🌑 New Moon 

Set new intentions for the next new moon.  Rinse and repeat!


Try to get into the habit of regularly performing full moon rituals and harnessing the cosmic unseen energy swirling all around us.  Just like our ancestors, we can harness so much power when we choose to align ourselves to the natural rhythms and cycles of not just the moon but all of nature and the cosmos. 


What magic will you be manifesting during this moon cycle?  What intentions will you set?  Have you tried this moon ritual?  If so how did it work for you?  Please share in the comments below!



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