March 2020 New Moon Ritual - Manifesting with the Moon

Posted on March 23 2020

Today is the New Moon...time to set intentions!  


I’d like to share another amazing New Moon ritual that I came to know about from Twin Flame teacher Vineeta Kumar.


Remember...the energy you put behind your intentions is very important!


Required for this ritual:

🌑Piece of paper and pen

🌑Three small tea light candles

🌑Some of your favourite crystals

1. Write a letter one or two days before the new moon, ideally when the energy is at it’s peak level.

2. Begin the letter with gratitude.  Offer gratitude for all of the good you have in your life right now.

3. For this ritual, stick to one theme  around what you would like to manifest (i.e. money, health, love, etc).  A manifestation anchor such as a crescent moon inspired necklace can help to amplify your intentions.

4. Write down your intentions in your letter.

5. End the letter with a thank you.

6. Place your favourite crystals on the letter as per the intention you would like to manifest.  For example, if you are manifesting money, use Citrine, Pyrite and Peridot. If you are manifesting love, use Rose Quartz, pink tourmaline or garnet.


Image:  courtesy of Vineeta Kumar

7. Place your white votive candles on your letter amongst your crystals.

8. If you like, you can add some white flowers as well to represent the colour of the moon, white. 

9. After the votive candles have burnt out, you can burn the letter and offer the ashes to the earth.  

I definitely recommend keeping a record of all of your intentions so you can look back and see how your intentions have came to fruition.

You can repeat this ritual every new moon for whichever intentions you want to manifest...or you can set new ones.  

Always set your intentions in alignment with the cycles of the moon and allow the powerful lunar energy to amplify your intentions.  


Need help manifesting your intentions?  Check out my Crescent Moon inspired necklace below to supercharge your intentions.





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