Queen Nefertiti: A beautiful one has come…

Posted on January 21 2024

“Beautiful are the beauties of Aten, a Beautiful Woman has come.”


Queen Nefertiti is one of history’s most mysterious and classical beauties.  


In Ancient Egypt, love and creativity went hand in hand.  Love was a catalyst for creative expression and many love stories were immortalized by pharaohs in art and architecture.

The name Nefertiti means "A beautiful one has come".  She is also known as "The Beautiful One".  She is a universal icon of feminine beauty but she is also a symbol of strength and power.  While she was alive, she led a religious revolution in Ancient Egypt alongside her consort Akenhaten. 



One of the most popular love stories is the story of that between Queen Nefertiti and Amenhotep IV Akenhaten.  The love Nefertiti had for her beloved Akenhaten fueled a religious revolution in Egypt that helped Akenhaten to transform the religious landscape of Egypt.

Akehnaten reoriented the religious and political structures of Kemet around the worship of one sun God, Aten.  She represented the female aspect of Aten, while her husband represented the male aspect and both acted as a bridge between Aten and the people of Egypt.  


Because of course, in Kemetic culture, the Creator consisted of both a male and female aspect, the expression of both aspects were important in maintaining harmony not only in heaven, but on earth as well. 

This was a time of great political and cultural upheaval but Nefertiti was a strong Queen who stood firmly by the side of her partner during the crisis.  Together, they built a new capital city called Amarna and ruled over one of the most wealthiest periods of Egyptian history.  

Akenhaten commissioned the greatest artists of this time to immortalize her beauty and their love in the form of many sculptures, busts and stone relief images. 



This art depicted Queen Nefertiti in a variety of roles, such as driving chariots, and striking enemies.  

Although the circumstances surrounding her death surrounded are a mystery,  it’s believed that she kept power after Akenhaten’s death and possibly ruled as a Pharaoh.

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