Return of the Divine Feminine Energy - the story behind my new Goddess Jewelry collection

Posted on February 05 2020

My new collection is an homage to the returning Divine Feminine Energy that is returning to the planet.  Also, I’ve always had a fascination with Ancient Kemet (Egypt) and the more I learn about this amazing civilization, the more I understand why...


Ancient Egypt was one of the few ancient societies in which there was gender equality...much to the dismay and confusion of neighbouring societies and kingdoms that were still living in the darkness of patriarchy and inequality.  


Although most of the Pharaohs were men, women were known to have ruled Egypt as Pharaohs and in some cases acted as Co-regents and ran affairs when the King Regent was away handling Kingly affairs.  

Pharaoh Hatchepsut, Fifth Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt

Also, those societies were great because they fully understood the feminine principle...and that when you suppress divine feminine energy, you suppress half of the power of the creator.  The balance of masculine and feminine energy permeated through all aspects of society. That seems to be what’s missing in our imbalanced patriarchal society, but it’s slowly coming back. 


Out with the old, in with the new.  

I think this is why I’ve always been drawn to Ancient Kemet, and my new collection featuring Egyptian Goddess Jewelry is a  homage to that.


Some of the necklaces, like the Hathor necklace and the Inner Goddess necklace were inspired by the style of ancient coins (below), which were mostly organic rounds shapes with raised faces on them, which depicted royalty:


Queen Berenice II, Ancient Coin


Inner Goddess Necklace, Urban Lotus Jewelry


Each of these necklaces is inspired by a particular Egyptian Goddess and has it’s own story but you can wear them as talismans to inspire the energies of these Goddesses in your everyday life...and look damn cute too ;) 


Inspire beauty with a Nefertiti necklace:

'The Beautiful One' Large Nefertiti necklace, click photos to view necklace

Inspire Love with Hathor:

 Gold Hathor Necklace, click photos to view necklace 

Inspire Divine Feminine Energy with an Egyptian Goddess Isis necklace:

"I am Divine" Small Nefertiti necklace, click photo to view necklace

Inspire Balance and Righteousness with Ma’at

 "Divine Balance" necklace - Goddess Ma'at, click photo to view necklace
Let the energies of these Goddesses inspire you to stand a little taller and move through the world with confidence knowing you are a Goddess.

Click below to view more pieces from the Rising Goddess collection:

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