Rise of the divine feminine energy...Inspiration for my new Goddess collection

Posted on August 15 2019


“The Goddess Has never been lost.  

It is just that some of us have forgotten to find her”. ~Patricia Monaghan

My new upcoming collection is a labour of love….and is created in homage to the rising Goddess energy that is manifesting on Earth and also within many of us.  

Ancient Civilizations flourished because they understood the role and importance of feminine energy and put it in it’s rightful place within the ‘God’ aspect.  They understood that the ‘left foot is not better than the right foot’ (haha) and the respected the balance between masculine and feminine energies.

A lot of the chaos and confusion that is happening in our world, once you strip away the layers, is a manifestation of the masculine/feminine energy imbalance.  Our disconnection to our inner world (subconscious) and our inharmonious relationship with the outer world (nature). The imbalance of the outer world simply reflects the imbalance of the masculine and feminine energies within all of us.


In a nutshell, masculine and feminine energies can embody many dualities.  Divine Feminine energy expresses itself inward, while Divine Masculine energy expresses itself outwardly.  Intuition, inner strength and inner fortitude are feminine, while outward expression, action and expansiveness are masculine.

One is not better than the other, they are both beautiful energies and when in harmony, creation flourishes.  


Goddess Isis

The Egyptian Goddess Isis, represents healing, fertility and motherhood:  

Goddess Hathor

The Goddess Hathor is the goddess of love:

Goddess Maat

Maat is the goddess of truth, harmony and balance.  


Nefertiti was not a goddess but is a universal symbol of physical beauty as she is named ‘The Beautiful One’ and ruled Egypt alongside her husband Akehnaten..  

Love, harmony, balance and healing are all aspects of the Divine Feminine Energies that exist throughout all of creation and these Goddesses were worshipped not only by Ancient Egyptians, but also Ancient Nubia, Asia and Ancient India.

I hope this collection inspires you to connect to your true source of power...the Divine Feminine energy that lives within.  Let your intuition guide you, heal, love more and surrender more.


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