Inspiration: The Journey to Goddess hood.....

Posted on March 02 2019

There’s levels to this ‘shift’....

Being on a spiritual path is kind of like peeling away layers of an onion…

For myself, it went along the lines of discovering and getting ‘high’ on new information and concepts…..getting all ‘holier than thou’ on other people who were ‘not as spiritual’ as I am...then there is the actual inner transformation that takes place.  


This is known as ‘ego-death’ or Dark Night of the Soul, which I went through...definitely one of the most confusing times where I felt very disconnected from everyone and everything, completely and utterly alone… even feel like God himself has turned his back on you.


Am I crazy?  I kept asking myself.


After what felt like eons of soul searching, spiritual, emotional (and sometimes physical) purging, I came through to the other side as Shelly 2.0...feeling like a lighter, clearer and stronger version of my old self….and realized that this experience was truly a blessing in disguise.  




However, the more you learn the more you realize you don’t know.  

I guess you could say I stumbled upon the so called ‘New Age’ movement, but peeling away layers of myself and moving deeper into my own journey towards my true self, I become curious about African Spiritual systems, especially being of Afro-Caribbean descent.  

Ancient African civilizations like Egypt (Kemet) understood that the concept of ‘God’ embodies both masculine and feminine suppress feminine energy is to suppress half of the power of the Creator.  Ancient civilizations such as these flourished because they understood the power of both energies and that creation flourishes when they are both fully realized and harmonized and represented throughout all facets of life.  Heaven on Earth.

As above, so below.  

For too long, the feminine or Goddess aspect has been left out of the ‘God’ equation in many patriarchal religions and even today in so called ‘conscious community’ circles. The exclusion of the feminine principle is not only reflected in many religions and spiritual systems, but also the state of the world today.

In this Age of Aquarius that we are in now, we are bearing witness to the return of the Divine Feminine energy - or Goddess energy - to balance and harmonize with the rising Divine Masculine energy.    

I feel that in this age, our true power as women lies in fully embracing and stepping into our feminine power.  

In this new upcoming collection I am working on, I am paying homage to some of the Ancient Goddesses of Ancient Egypt:  Nefertiti:  The Beautiful One, Hathor:  Goddess of Love, Isis: Woman of the Throne and Maat: Goddess of Truth and Justice.  





I will be launching this collection very soon!  I hope this new collection will inspire you to connect with your inner goddess and let her shine!



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