The Spirit of the Egyptian Goddess Ma’at and Spiritual Awakening

Posted on January 21 2024

To have a heart as light as a feather is to feel happy and to feel free.


In Ancient Egyptian times, the Egyptian Goddess Ma’at was one of the Ancient Egyptian Dieties represented the principles of balance:  divine balance.  Spiritual law, cosmic order and divine truth.  

In Ancient Egyptian times, to live in spiritual harmony it was expected to live according to the 42 Laws of Goddess Ma’at, which were Divine Feminine principles upon which one should live their life.


Upon the end of one’s life and departure from the physical plane, on judgement day, Goddess Ma’at presided over the hearts of departed soul with the Ma’at feather.



With the feather she wore on her crown, she weighed the hearts of the departed against the feather of her crown.  Only the lightest of hearts could proceed to heaven - or Aaru, the field of reeds.  



The Divine Feminine energy is returning to take it’s rightful place alongside Divine Masculine energy.  We are in the midst of a massive spiritual awakening - a spiritual awakening in the collective consciousness but also individually within. 

As the New Earth/ Golden Age is born, the old Earth must fall away and we are seeing this play out in the form of many dramas in the physical reality.   

Even in the digital world, many of these senseless ‘battles’ and various ‘dramas’ are playing out all in an effort to get your attention, harvest your energy and keep you in a state of fear and low vibration.  

Setting an intention to cultivate a light heart makes it easier to move through these turbulent times in an energy of righteousness. 

We can’t always choose what happens to us, but we can choose how we decide to handle what comes our way.  

We can also choose what we give our energy and focus to. 

Will you choose to move forward in spiritual righteousness?

To have a heart as light as a feather is to feel happy and to feel free.


Feather of Maat Necklace - "My Heart is Light"
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Feather of Maat Necklace - "Mini My Heart is Light"
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Maat "Divine Balance Talisman" and Maat feather necklace
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