Ways to layer necklaces for the ultimate Goddess effect

Posted on April 17 2020


Layering necklaces is a great way to create your own unique look and tell your story…

Every one of my pieces has a story and intention behind them….you might be drawn to more than why not mix and match?  


Everyday Goddess

You can layer several smaller gold layered necklace for an everyday ‘I am a Goddess but I still have shit to do’ kind of look:

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Girly and golden:

Or maybe your inner goddess is feeling a little feminine today and needs some girly and feminine golden layers:

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Enlightenment and Intuition

You can go for a bit of an edgy look and pair one of my 'Enlightenment' Sanskrit mantra bars with my very popular 'Third Eye Don’t Lie necklace', and 'My Heart is Light' necklace:

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This looks great in silver too!  Top to bottom: Atma Shakti (personal power), 'My Heart is Light' necklace, '

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Tribal looking layers

The gorgeous alternating beaded pattern on these necklaces is reminiscent of African beaded tribal can layer them together to  go for a colourful silver layered necklace look:

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Bold Goddess Layers

When your inner goddess is feeling Nefertiti Talisman necklace is a bold design indeed, but can also be worn as a layered necklace.  She doesn’t have to be worn alone - she looks better when she has company.  

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Go ahead and be bold!  Although these are made with luscious sparkly gemstones,  these gemmy luxe necklaces don’t have to be worn only on a special occasion!  Go for a multi layered necklace look! You can dress up your skinny jeans and white tank top with anyone of these beauties - or both!  

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to layering jewelry.  You can rock your layers according to your mood or whatever story you want to tell.


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