Tourmaline Goddess Isis necklace - Divine Feminine


  • Gold dipped brass pendant
  • Tourmaline & lapiz lazuli gemstones
  • Pendant size: 2" length
  • Length of necklace strand (not including pendant):  20"  


The Egyptian goddess Isis is the total embodiment of the Divine Feminine.  A wife, a mother and a healer, a patron of magic and protector of women.  Isis is the Divine Feminine Counterpart (Twin Flame) of Osiris.  

The Divine Feminine is awakening on the planet and within you.

Tourmaline is said to promote self confidence and diminish fear. It also aids in understanding of self and of others.

Lapiz Lazuli helps the wearer to speak one's truth and inspires confidence. It also encourages self awareness and expressing one's inner

Sun and Moon:  The clasp features a handmade sun and moon charm, which represents the balance between masculine and feminine energies.

Wear this Goddess Isis necklace to inspire you to re-awaken and reconnect with the Divine Feminine energy and your true power.  

Made to order. Pendant carved from wax by hand, cast into brass using ancient lost wax casting method.
1-3 days turnaround time before shipping out order.
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  • Gold dipped brass pendant
  • Tourmaline & lapiz lazuli gemstones
  • Pendant size: 2" length
  • Length of necklace strand (not including pendant):  20"  
  • Gemstones strung on durable silk cord

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