My Story

I guess you could say I always felt like the black sheep of the family, kind of like an outsider.  Overly creative and artistic but shy and quiet, insecure and always had a problem saying what I really felt.  


I grew up in a single parent household under controlling parents and fear based religious teachings.  Even as a child, I never resonated with these teachings, and they didn’t help me to understand our connection to the cosmos, to nature and to each other.  


Later in life, I discovered the idea of ‘spirituality’ and began to feel truly empowered.  It started out with discovering Eastern philosophies and Buddhism, then later discovering African Spiritual systems.  I got high off of new information and ideas but that was only the beginning of my journey.  I later went through what is called the ‘Dark night of the Soul’.....a period of spiritual, emotional transformation.  


I felt really alone and disconnected from everyone and everything with all these inner changes - I also couldn't really tell people what I was going through due to fear of rejection, fear of ridicule and people not really understanding what I was going through. I was going through changes internally but had to face it alone. It was connecting with my creative passion by making jewelry that helped to pull me through this strange dark period.

I use a lot of ancient symbols in my many great ancient civilizations in Egypt and West Africa, symbols were an important form of communication...a way to document unseen energies and forces of the universe so that they were perceptible to the human mind...a way to give form to the formless and speak directly to the subconscious mind.  Symbols can serve as a reminder, a form of connection but I believe can also manifest things in your life and help anchor you to new realities. 


Why not harness the power of symbols as tools of personal empowerment?

My jewelry is a reflection of my journey towards my true self, my inner goddess and towards freedom, that I am sharing with you.


My jewelry is created in homage to the rising inner goddess in you.  


Let your inner goddess shine!


Shelly R
Founder and Designer/Maker
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