You are Goddess Maat, The Goddess of Truth!!!


You are Maat the divine embodiment of truth, balance, morality and justice. Maat also regulated the actions of not only mortals and dieties but the very stars, seasons and order of the universe from chaos at the moment of creation. Just like Maat, you are all about righteousness and have a strong sense of “Do the right thing”.


Egyptain Goddess Maat

After Maat’s role in creation and preventing the universe from returning to chaos, her primary role involved weighing of the souls in the underworld, Duat. In Duat, the souls of the dead were weighted against her single Shu feather and only the lightest purest of souls were sent to Aaru, the field of reeds. She committed unworthy souls to be devoured by the goddess Ammit.

Just like Maat, you are the person that people see as balanced fair and just and turn to you to restore and keep the peace in difficult situations.

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