Jewelry Care




Storing Jewelry
While not wearing your Urban Lotus jewelry pieces, it’s best to store them in a non-tarnish jewelry box.  If you don’t have one, it’s also a great alternative to store them in a mini ziplock plastic bag to protect the delicate finish.


Cleaning Jewelry
The Vermeil and brass I use in my jewelry pieces are treated with a non-toxic solution to prevent/delay tarnishing.   It is best to wear your vermeil jewelry with care so that the vermeil finish lasts as long as possible (see Wearing Jewelry below).

If the silver has a matte or brushed finish, it is best to polish them gently with matte polishing cloths.  These will polish the jewelry pieces while preserving the matte finish of the silver.

Wearing Jewelry
It’s best to avoid exposing your jewelry to water, excessive heat and humidity.  When applying perfumes or lotions, it’s best to apply them before applying the jewelry, as these things can cause discoloration in the metals and natural stones used in the jewelry.  

Materials We Use

Our silver that we use is Sterling Silver and supplied locally from small refiners.

Non-tarnish Brass
Our brass is treated with a non-toxic environmentally friendly solution that prevents tarnishing.

24 Karat Vermeil
We use 24 vermeil, which is 24 karat gold plated over silver.  This is the best option for plating in terms of a thickness that will last.

Semi-precious gemstones
I source my semi-precious and precious gemstones from mainly from Thailand, India and the USA.   I do my due diligence to obtain as much information as possible to ensure the gemstones that I use are ethically mined including diamonds, although my use of diamonds in my work is minimal.

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