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Although my company started in 2013, I have really been making jewelry for much longer than that.  I've always been a super creative and artistic person, having majored in Fine Arts and Information Technology in University. 


Even as a kid I had a crafty entrepreneurial side, that liked to make things and sell them.  Eventually I ended up pursing a more 'practical' line of work and worked as a freelance IT consultant within the Technology industry. 


Although I was making a lot of money and had 'success' in this industry, overtime the novelty wore off and I started to feel like I was not really being my true self.  I have always been an artist and had a creative soul with a deep love for nature and why was I sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a day staring at a computer?  


I reconnected with my creative side that I had neglected for so many years and Urban Lotus Jewelry was born.  My jewelry is inspired by nature, African Spirituality, Astrology and beauty.


Although I was brought up in a religious household, it was learning about spirituality and mysticism, as well as Buddhism that really helped me to wake up and develop spiritually. Many of the teachings seemed to resonate with my own worldview, as well as provide answers to questions that I couldn’t seem to find in the Catholic our connection to nature and animals, to the cosmos, and the inner world.  


I like working with my hands and I love to draw...I try to stay away from mass produced components and create truly unique pieces from my imagination.  I love working with gemstones, nature's candy!  I am a big fan of the lost wax casting method....carving out of wax and then casting into silver or gold.  



When I'm not making (or fantasizing about) jewelry, I love reading and learning about astrology, and ancient civilizations...I find so much inspiration there. 


I also like travelling to exotic places, chilling by the water, recharging my batteries in nature, and other fun introvert activities.   So far I've scratched French Polynesia, Asia and Costa Rica off of my bucket list!


Shelly R
Founder and Designer/Maker
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