Gold Cascading Goddess 7 Chakra Necklace


In Sanskrit the word ‘Chakra’ means wheel. 7 Chakras are like spinning wheels of energy anchored through the body that start at the base of the spine and extend through the crown of the head. Life force energy, also known as Prana energy, moves through each of the Chakras.

Let this necklace inspire you to live a life of balance and harmony with spirit.

Root Chakra (sign) – Grounding, Safety and Security
Sacral Chakra (sign)  – Feelings
Solar Plexus Chakra (sign)  – Intellect, Self Confidence
Heart Chakra (sign) – Love, forgiveness and compassion
Throat Chakra (sign) – Expressing one’s self
Third Eye Chakra (sign) – Intuition and insight
Crown Chakra (sign) – Divine consciousness

Made to order, entirely by hand using ancient lost wax casting method.
1-3 days turnaround time before shipping out order.
See shipping info for more shipping details.


  • 24 Karat gold plated over sterling silver
  • 28" in length

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