Silver Eye Necklace - Third Eye Don't Lie


  • .925 Sterling Silver pendant
  • Sterling silver chain, Length:  20"
  • Pendant size:  1.25"


The third eye really does not lie!  The third eye - also known as the mind's eye - can see what the physical senses cannot.  It is also known as intuition and that proverbial gut feeling.  The third eye can see into the inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness.

Let this silver eye necklace inspire you to learn to develop and trust your intuition and heighten your instincts.  With an open third eye, coupled with the ability to be present, manifestation becomes so much easier.


Made to order, entirely by hand using ancient lost wax casting method.
1-3 days turnaround time before shipping out order.
See shipping info for more shipping details.



  • .925 Sterling Silver pendant
  • Sterling silver chain, length:  20"
  • Pendant size:  1.25"


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