Small "I am my Ancestors" necklace (with darkened lettering)

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  • Sterling silver pendant
  • Sterling Silver chain
  • Pendant size: 1"
  • Chain length:  20"
  • Black (oxidized) lettering

"Walk like you have 3000 Ancestors walking behind you."

Our ancestors live through us and in us and when we connect with them via the ancestral realm, we empower and liberate ourselves by tapping into their vast wisdom and immeasurable love.  

Wear this necklace as a powerful reminder that you are standing on the shoulders of a legion of ancestors, protecting you and guiding you along your path.  You are the result of the love of thousands.  

Made to order. Pendant carved from wax by hand, cast into silver using ancient lost wax casting method.  The letters on this necklace are darkened (oxidized) for a more vintage look.

1-3 days turnaround time before shipping out order.
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  • Sterling silver pendant
  • Sterling silver chain
  • Pendant size: 1"
  • Chain length: 20"

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