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Posted on April 01 2018




The word ‘Chakra’ is a sanskrit word which translates literally to “wheel”.  They are energy centers within the subtle body (7 chakras) that start from the bottom of your spine and end at the top of your head.  


When your 7 chakras are all aligned and unblocked, this usually means increased manifestation abilities, as well as optimal physical and psychological health.  


Root Chakra “I AM”

The root chakra, the first of the 7 chakras, is located at the base of the spine.  


This chakra is associated with safety, security and life’s basic needs such as food, shelter and water.

If you feel disconnected from the world around you and have a hard time meeting your physical and material needs, you may have an unbalanced root chakra.  

How to balance the Root Chakra:
There is no better way to ground the Root Chakra than spending time in nature!

Earth is the nature element of the root chakra, so get outdoors and if you can, walk outside on the grass with no shoes on.  Your feet have nerve endings on them so being barefoot allows you to absorb the energies of the earth into your being.

And it feels amazing...


Sacral Chakra "I Feel"

Known as “the dwelling place of the self”, the second chakra is the Sacral Chakra is located above the pubic bone but below the navel.


This is the chakra of sexuality and creativity.

A weak sex drive, low self confidence, and lack of motivation for creative endeavours (i.e. creative block) can be a sign of an unbalanced sacral chakra.

How to balance the Sacral Chakra:
Release your inner child and approach your creative pursuits like children approach play.  If your creative pursuits don't pan out, start again and don't dwell in self doubt.

We are all connected to the infinite creative intelligence in and around us, but as we get older, ‘life’ and the matrix gets in the way and we lose touch.  




Solar Plexus "I Do"

The third chakra known as the solar plexus is located in the navel area.  


It governs self esteem, raw emotions (I’m looking at you empaths!!!) and is the seat of personal power.  

It is where the proverbial “gut feeling” resides. If you are an empath like I am, this tends to be one of the weakest chakras as this tends to be the chakra that guards your entire energy field.  

Self doubt, low self worth and preoccupation with what other people think of you, being highly judgemental or critical and easily finding fault in others. 

How to balance the Solar Plexus:
The nature element of the solar plexus chakra is fire.  Spending time outdoors (highly recommended ;) ), taking in the rays of the sun or safely sungazing is a great way to balance the solar plexus.  


Heart Chakra "I Love"

The Heart (Anahata) Chakra is the fourth chakra, located at the center of the chest above the heart.  


In Sanskrit, Anahata means “unstuck” or “unhurt”. This means that beneath the layers of past hurts, grievances and disappointments is a place of purity and spirituality where no hurt exists.  

Feeling unlovable and unvalued and have issues with emotional intimacy can be signs of an unbalanced heart chakra.

How to balance the Heart Chakra:
To balance the heart chakra, take inventory of any grudges you may still carry with people who have hurt you in the past and try to let them go and forgive...not for their sake but your own.  

Also, take note of all the people in your life that love you and carry this awareness in your heart as you go on with your day.  Perform random acts of kindness towards strangers, at least one per day i.e. holding a door, a smile or even a compliment.

The nature element of the Heart Chakra is get outside on a breezy day and feel the breeze on your’s very beneficial for the heart chakra.  Surrounding yourself with the color green is beneficial...the color of the heart chakra is green.


Throat Chakra "I Speak"

The Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra (fifth chakra) is the chakra that governs purity of speech and creative expression.  


In sanskrit, Vishuddha means “pure place”. It is located at the base of the throat.

You may have an unbalance throat chakra if you have difficulty expressing your truth, thoughts and tend to heavily censor your thoughts and feelings before expressing them.  You are overly accommodating and you have a hard time expressing what you want. 

How to balance the Throat Chakra:
Speak up girl!!  Get into the practice of speaking up about issues you have been silent about.  It’s not easy at first but it really does get easier with practice. Speaking your truth doesn’t mean being hurtful or critical but kind and compassionate, which is the nature of your spiritual essence.  

The nature element of the throat chakra is ether and the color is bright blue...sitting outside on a clear sunny day and gazing up at the blue sky will help to balance the throat chakra...and it’s just so much fun!


Third Eye Chakra "I See"

The third eye chakra, also known as Ajna, is the sixth chakra located in the space between the eyebrows.  


In Sanskrit, Ajna means “beyond wisdom”.
The third eye chakra is the gateway to higher consciousness.

 If your third eye chakra is unbalanced, you may have a difficulty understanding or believing in the spirit world and may not see the connection between your outer reality and inner reality.  

How to balance the Third Eye Chakra:
To balance the third eye chakra, develop a practice of connecting to universal intelligence inside of you for answers instead of your external environment.  This can also be deepened through regular third eye meditation. Ask the universe for a question and that watch for the sign!

The nature element for the Ajna chakra is light and dark. Sit outside on a sunny day, close your eyes and envision the sun radiating through the space between your brows.  Star gazing is also a great way to balance this chakra.

Crown Chakra "I Understand"

The crown chakra is called ‘Sahasrara’ in sanskrit...this translates to “the 1000 petal lotus flower”.  


It is the 7th chakra, located above the crown of the head and connects us to The Divine, God or Prime Creator. It is the bridge between our physical and non-physical reality.  

If your crown chakra is unbalanced: You may have a lack of purpose in your life and operate out of rigid belief systems.  You may also be overly materialistic and greedy the inner self.

How to balance the Crown Chakra:
The only way to balance the crown chakra is through energy work:  prayer, outdoor meditation and daily silence are practices that lead to increased moments of spiritual connection.

 The nature element of the crown chakra is thought (inner light) the element from which the cosmos were created.  



 Thank you!

xo,  Shelly



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